Who we are

Editorial Staff:

Harry Harland

 Harry is a failed sportsman, failed rock star and failed journalist who lives in London and came dangerously close to failing in his career in finance when he was briefly made redundant. Whilst pursuing a series of new projects to inflict his ineptitude on, he decided to found Trivial Pursuits. Harry will be editing the site with Ed and Em and Been, whilst writing on just about every topic, as he has finally found a medium where he can talk without people yawning (visibly) or telling him to shut up.

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Em Bell

 Em is the tom-boyish version of the girl next door. As well as getting out and about as co-editor of Trivial Pursuits, she is working for Pomp Magazine, rocking for Rockfeedback, doing a little bit of everything for Spoonfed, dating for The Great Date Guide, drinking for Bar Chick and going underground for Pinch TV. Born during an earthquake on the beach outside of Santiago in Chile, she is overly enthusiastic, super smiley and a total dork.

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Edward Lines

 Ed is our art correspondent. He read History of Art at Edinburgh where he learned that the Scottish pronunciation of Quattrocento sounds like a three-door hatchback. He works for an e-learning company in London and poses as an art history tutor in the UK and Italy.

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Beenie Langley

Beenie Langley is a girl. Not a hat. Although she likes wearing hats a lot. She worked for many years at The Lady magazine before moving on to undertake the role of editor of two London luxury lifestyle magazines, Absolutely Chelsea and Absolutely Fulham. She now spends her days writing, editing, subbing… and occasionally ranting on Trivial Pursuits… when she can be bothered (or Harry Harland threatens to sack her).

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Contributing Writers:

Rich Glover

Nilesh Bhagat

Alicia MacDonald

Marcus Watson

Rob Sheffield