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I’ve just sat down for the first time since reaching John O’Groats over a week ago. It’s been a whirlwind back in real life after 4 1/2 months supporting Sean Conway, who became the first person EVER to swim the length of Britain. What a nutter.

Team Hug

If you read my one and only blog from the depths of Scotland, you will know that the expedition wasn’t exactly plain sailing (excuse the pun). And the end felt so far the whole time. Even a few days before the end, we thought we might not finish until December. It wasn’t until we sailed, kayaked and swam through the harbour walls of John O’Groats that we realised we were actually going to make it.

Having signed up for two months to live at sea with three boys (and then one cool chick) on a very small boat, we ended up being away for 4 1/2 months. It was cold, tough, wet, hard, scary, exhausting, claustrophobic. Did I say wet? But boy was it worth it.


We had the most amazing team. We met the most wonderful people along the way. We ate fresh fish. We saw the entire British coastline from the water. We were supported by everyone on social media and back home. I attempted (and failed) to conquer my fear of water. We saw phosphorescence, seals, puffins, dolphins, porpoises. We explored deserted beaches. We dreamt about rare steak. We got to witness Sean achieve something no one has ever done before. And I managed to kayak a very long way. It was incredible. And we couldn’t have done it without everyone that supported us. After a bit of time at home, I’m ready for the next challenge. So watch this space…