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Alarms (anytime of day depending on tides)

Tidy away sleeping bag and pillow to prevent them getting wet as boat leaks

Brush teeth (occasionally)

Sea Sickness Tablets (maybe)

Wash up bowls and spoon if not done the night before

Make Sean’s breakfast

Boil kettle

Offer breakfast to the rest of the crew while they motor to start point

Give Sean multi-vitamins and painkillers

Force Sean to drink lots of water with Vitamin C

Turn on paraffin heater we bought in Scotland to warm/dry clothes as much as possible

Prepare Sean’s kit:
Speedo Wetsuit
Speedos (lucky us)
X3 Thermal Tops
Thermal Shorts
Socks (that he cycled round the world in)
Wetsuit Booties
Neoprene Hat
Speedo Hat
Goggles (either for night of day depending)
Gloves i(f his arms can handle them)
Music Headphones (if he wants)

Make Thermos – 4 scoops of multi dextrin, squash and hot water

Wash up breakfast if time

Get myself ready into kit mentioned here

Flippers and Canoe paddle into rib

Find out point to aim towards in water

Fix lights on myself if night session

Turn on radios and carry one in kayak (until it broke when I capsized)

Turn on spot tracker (third one lucky due to salt)

Five minute warning, Sean and I climb into rib

Empty kayak of excess water, put thermos in and get in

Swimming/kayaking time

First feed after 1 1/2 hours in the water

Drinking thermos throughout

Second feed after 3 hours (if he can stomach it) hopefully in water to save time

After 4-5 hours we get out

Sean empties litres of pee (nice) from his suit and takes off excess kit

Heat kettle

Turn on paraffin heater

Pour hot water on cloth for his to clean pee off himself

All clothes into a bucket

Remaining hot water into a pot noodle or snack

Swim Seal drops in Sean’s ear if water got in

Make shake with x2 scoots of protein, x2 scoops of multi dextrin, some BCCA and ??

Rinse all clothes in Fabric softener and sea water and ring out

Hang clothes in bathroom on hooks we put in (used to hang all clothes outside until Scotland but everything was SO wet and SO cold when we put everything on)

Blast paraffin heater with doors closed

Give Sean massage while preparing lunch for everyone

Wash up everything in bucket from day while Lou and Owain motor to anchor point

Rest hours where we eat, sleep, tidy boat (because I’m OCD) and explore

Then process above begins again for second tide of the day

Day ends with hopefully a proper supper of potatoes and freshly caught fish

Wash up everything for next day

Force as much food and water into Sean

Make sure Sean takes any medicine he needs

Sleep time…….

This doesn’t include any logistical nightmares and all the other odd events that occur. But just to give you an idea of a day for me on #SwimmingBritain. That’s it…