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Midnight Juggernauts – Dystopia

For many people, Daft Punk’s latest album was a defining moment in their year. An opportunity to try to look cool at a party by playing Get Lucky for the trillionth time. It was an album that was both commercial and trendy, and as such was somewhat of a rarity.

For others though, it was somewhat of a disappointment. It wasn’t a bad album by any means, indeed in my mind it was pretty good, but the problem was that it just didn’t sound like Daft Punk. It was a tribute album, a dedication to the 70’s, and while it was well-executed, it was only the excellent final track (Contact) that gave the slightest hint of who had actually recorded it.

As a result of this, there appears to be a bit of an electro-pop debt at the moment. Hoards of people for whom Random Access Memories just didn’t cut the mustard. Surely Daft Punk can’t be the only answer to their problems, can they?

Well, funnily enough, the other side of the globe may have provided the answers to people’s prayers. In Australia, bands like Cut Copy have been pedaling their own form of electro-pop for a while now, and indeed their compatriots Midnight Juggernauts’s 2007 debut album Dystopia could be the answers to the prayers of those who feel let down by a certain Gallic duo.

OK, they’re not a perfect replica. Many tracks, such as breakthrough single Into The Galaxy have very much their own style of space pop, while the glum overtones of Worlds Converged sound more like Depeche Mode in their 80’s pomp. However, there are flashes where the Aussies might as well be wearing robot outfits and strolling round the Champs Elysees while smoking garlic-infused Gitanes. Tombstone and Ending of An Era are among such moments.

If your life has been missing something since Discovery. If you feel betrayed by RAM. If you generally like electropop (MGMT, Empire of the Sun, etc). Give this a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

By Harry Harland