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By Em Bell

Last Saturday, a group of us decided to cycle to Brighton.


First piece of advice: Do it with someone that has been in the army.

Second piece of advice: If you can’t find someone in the army, then go with someone that has an incredible sense of direction, planning and preparation.

Saturday morning. 8am. We met on a corner in Battersea. Ready to go.

Our team leader (who satisfies both the first and second pieces of advice) had mapped a route that perfectly avoided any motorways or big roads. So while we wished we were on mountain bikes at times, we spent the entire day on small paths, roads and woods.

Third piece of advice: Wear shorts with padded bottoms.

Fourth piece of advice: Bring fruit pastilles. They have never tasted so good.

With various little stops and a big pub lunch we pulled into Brighton at 7pm with sore bottoms, funny backs and  no sweets left.


Proud of ourselves. Very proud.

Bikes locked up at the station, we waddled in our smelly kit to Riddle and Finns for some Guinness tankards and scallops. But it was full. Very full. And we didn’t quite fit in.

So we headed just around the corner to Yum Yum Ninja, with the same owners. Wine. Dim sum. Utterly superb food. Not just because we felt we deserved it.

Perfect Saturday.