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By Em Bell

My ideal meal consists of a rare steak and a bottle of red wine. Or a burger. So it was weird that it took me this long to check out Hawksmoor. On Air Street.

And I’m going to say one word. Yes.

From the sound of the food, I was expecting a ‘pull your chair out, place the napkin on your lap, waiter with his hand behind his back’ sort of place. And boy was I wrong. And happily wrong.


When entering the reception, you are ‘checked in’. Then you’re passed over to a chick in a t-shirt and espadrilles. She shows you upstairs and leads you to a small reception within the first space of the restaurant. Two hot young guys then take over. One walks you to your table. And thank goodness, because the place is massive.

Then you’re passed over to your waiter. Who was a complete dude. He sat down with us to take our order. Talked us through everything we didn’t understand. The service was impeccable. You are looked after at every point but given enough space to not mind them being there. They are laid back, cool, helpful, enthusiastic but extremely professional. Seriously impressive.


An amazing bottle of red wine. A roast beef starter to share. Then two rare 300g fillets with side orders of creamed spinach, mac & cheese and beef dripping fries (Yes. I know). All incredible. Utterly incredible.

Food. Wine. Service. Vibe. Yes.