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By Em Bell

I had a date with a friend. She sent over a link to House of Wolf. I didn’t really get what it was. And couldn’t really work out whether it was even a restaurant. The description was ‘House of Wolf is a multi-functional, multi-sensory pleasure palace, dedicated to the creative pursuits of dining, drinking, art and entertainment’. So I guess there is food. I wish I could just find a menu. Damn trendy websites. Without any further questions, I booked a table for two. Done.


On the day of the date in question, my friend wondered if we could eat closer to home. So I rang up to cancel the booking and it was £10 per person. Then we found out that the table we had booked was £42.50 each for the set menu. Which was a bit much considering we just wanted a burger and a catch up. So my friend went off on one. And got us moved, for free, to have some drinks and bar snacks out of the restaurant.

The sun was shining. Upper Street in Angel was buzzing.  But we were expecting a bit of a fight on arrival. We got exactly the opposite.


The ground floor was pretty much empty even though a really cool blues band was playing at the end of the room. The barman knew who we were (the troublesome ones) and offered for us to sit upstairs in the Apothecary room where a very cute barman looked after us all night. I ordered a gin cocktail and he offered to make me one with all my favourite ingredients. It arrived in a frozen little vintage glass. And tasted delicious.


He was playing all his own music with the likes of Metronomy blaring out. Which slightly clashed with the blues downstairs but I still liked it. The bar snacks were simple but good. Pork chunks, calamari, chips. You get the gist. I wouldn’t go back for the bar snacks but it was exactly what we felt like.

The service was incredible. The drinks were nice. The vibe in the prescription room was chilled but cool. The music was super loud. The bar snacks were comforting. I’m still not quite sure what else happens there but I am glad I tried it.