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By Em Bell

I think Chinatown’s Experimental Cocktail Club is somewhere I have been meaning to go longer than anywhere else in London. After hearing the most amazing things, I’m not quite sure about it (shock horror). And having been to the likes of Happiness Forgets, Purl and Bourne & Hollingsworth, I had high expectations.

Very cool entrance (which we walked past about four times). A dude on the door with the booking names in a ‘Wind in the Willows’ book. Nice touch. At the top of the stairs, there is someone to take your coats and find you a seat.


Dingy decor. High ceilings. Big staircase. Velvet stools. Leather sofas. Cracking vibe. Really liked the vibe. But I felt like I was going speed dating. If you aren’t in a group (and I advise you to go in one  because you get a much better deal) then you are seated in two lines opposite each other. I felt like I was speed dating and I can imagine that would feel pretty intense on a first date.


The cocktails were incredible. The gin, cucumber, egg white concoction made it hard to try anything else.


So I give it all a thumbs up, except for two person seating arrangements. But then again, anything that feels like a date scares me. Because I’m weird.