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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Nooooo it’s the Duck Bus.

This is the ultimate date. The ultimate outing. The ultimate day for anyone that is a bit odd.

The Duck Bus Tour is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever been on. You might have see it whizzing around London. It’s big. It’s yellow. It’s a boat. It’s a bus? It’s one of the strangest things around and it’s absolutely amazing.


We settled into our seat. Surrounded by children And set off to the sound of ducks quacking. Our guide knew everything about London. So much so that I’ve borrowed his facts to show off on my own.

“Did you know the Winston Churchill’s status is the only statue with electric currents surrounding it so that pigeons won’t poo on it. He never wanted a statue as he thought a statue covered in pigeon poo was very undignified.”

“Hyde Park was the burial ground for the Fire of London. And it was a leper colony prior to that”.

I could go on.

I won’t.

The best bit was when the bus changed it driver to a river man. And we all have to bounce up and down as the bus dipped into the water. Luckily the below didn’t happen.


The whole experience was brilliant. A London tour. Through the streets. On the river. All on a big boat named Titanic. Not the most promising name for a tour that had become famous for sinking the week before.

Book yourself on. It’s along the same lines as dressing up like a cockroach at the Science Museum. Utterly random. Yet brilliant.