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By Em Bell

It’s the ultimate battle in my head. Do I go to boot camp, save money, sign up for marathons, cut back on the booze? Or do I say yes to another jelly shot? Well I’ve found something where you can do both.


One small word for one epic adventure.

Starting in the depths of Borough Market, you can jump on board a Pedibus. An odd contraption consisting of a company driver. And 8 bicycle seats. It’s difficult to explain so check out the picture.


On top of this are blaring speakers. And flashing lights. You bring your own booze. And off you go around London Bridge (or other locations). What more could you want for a wag do. Our wag was dressed up in tinsel and feathers and we peddled him around the city of London while pouring Smirnoff Ice down his throat.

I’ve got to say the mix of cider, cycling and extreme laughing did make me feel like I was going to throw up. But the whole evening was hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Maybe not so much when I decided to jump off and rugby tackle a random man running home. #lout