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Django Django – Django Django

Scottish four piece Django Django are not an easy band to define. They came into public reckoning last year with this eponymous Mercury-nominated album, fusing electro-indie-pop with an inherent quirkiness that tends to separate the better bands from the mundane.

They use ensemble vocals that are reminiscent of the Futureheads, while their sunny pop will strike a chord with fans of the Super Furry Animals. Lead single Default (below) is ludicrously infectious, jumping all over the place over the course of its bouncy three minutes. Wor, currently being employed by BT Sport in their advertising campaign, sounds like it belongs in a Tarantino soundtrack, while the echoing guitar riff on Hail Bop and Beach Boys-esque vocal harmonies at the culmination of Waveforms are further moments of beauty and intrigue.

It doesn’t always work, as the mildly irritating “Game Boy music on crack” of Zumm Zumm proves, but at its best this is one of the most novel and original releases of the past few years. It will certainly be interesting to see where the band go from here, but for now you should crack this one open on a nice sunny day (if we’re permitted one) and let it flow over you.

By Harry Harland