As we walked into Tramshed for the first time, I suddenly realised that the chick I was taking may be offended by large stuffed animals. And Tramshed is more than that. With an enormous cow and cock in formaldehyde by the one and only Damien Hirst, this is not a place for vegetarians.

Another venue from Mark Hix, Tramshed serves up chicken and steak. And not much else. In contrast to many critics disgust at minimal menus. I love them. Takes far less time to decide. And means they have to do them well.

I chose the steak. Obviously. While the birthday girl chose the chicken. Both good. Cocktails. Wine. Pudding. The bill was quite big but I had been warned by Grace Dent’s write up on the place.

I liked the vibe. But more importantly, my date is the chick I take for ‘secret meat’ when she is trying to go veggie. So this place = heaven.

Restaurants: Tremshed, London