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One of the first articles that we ran on Trivial Pursuits was this one about boys’ innate need to make up new sports. Indeed this is how all sports originally started. One man who has taken this to the next level though is Archie Woodhead, who has set up a league for a sport of his design. It is called “Triples Tennis” and here is the man himself to explain a little more about it:


Tennis fans and administrators across the country are rushing to enjoy the glory of our new hero, Open champion and gold medal winner. He may not have claimed sports personality of the year but Andy Murray’s successful 2012 will be a boost for a sport that is looking to increase participation rates.

This summer a new format of tennis is being introduced looking to achieve just that. Not singles, not doubles but “Triples Tennis” comes to London for the first time.

Triples Tennis is a team based format for tennis, it involves 3 players who play their games on rotation to make up 1 set of singles tennis. Only one player on the court from each team at any one time but they can only play a limited number of games. The team need to tactically use each player’s strengths and weaknesses throughout the set to get the best team performance. There is not point using all your best server’s games up if they can’t then serve out the set.

Sounds complicated? Watch this video to see how it all works:

Like a lot of sports, tennis sees a drop in participation at the age of 21/22. Triples Tennis has teams made up of a broad range of standards and is aimed at people that don’t play tennis regularly and will enjoy playing in a social environment where the court bookings and other logistics are arranged for them.

So, time to relive the glory days of organised sport at school or university, dig out your racquet and persuade a couple of friends to do the same. The league takes place in Holland Park and starts in June this year. Registrations are now open.

Each team plays seven matches over four evenings in the league. Matches are scheduled to start at 7pm on Tuesdays or Thursdays to fit in with your working day.

To register a team go to www.triplestennis.com