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Can’t afford to get away on holiday this year? Don’t have any holiday time left at work? Well head up to The Rum Kitchen for a slice of the Caribbean in our home capital. Our Em Bell grabs a moment with entrepreneur, rum lover and co-founder Jonny Boud.

RumKitchen_Interior 2

The Rum Kitchen. Where did it all start?

All Saints Road. We had always loved the site so the next question was what to put in it!

Why Caribbean food?

There was an obvious gap in London’s restaurant scene for Caribbean food served to a high standard coupled with a great cocktail.

RumKitchen_Food 5

Who thought of the name?

The founders, inspired by the idea of bringing a bit of sun to London.

Who did the design?

44th Hill & I Love Dust.

If you could nick one item from the place, what would it be?

The bottle of Black Tot rum from downstairs.

Favourite dish there?

Saltfish Fritters, which are Carribean fish cakes.

How do you like your rum?

In The Rum Kitchen’s Grog 349, which is what the sailors drank. Its mixed with bitters and ginger beer, with a squeeze of lime.

RumKitchen_Cocktails 3_RumPunch

What’s your favourite bit about the place?

The suitcase wall in The Rum Cellar.

If you were on a deserted island what item would you bring?

My Jerk Drum

If you were on that same deserted island what song would you listen too?

Jammin’ – Bob Marley

If you were STILL on that desert island what ONE food would you have?

Chicken for the drum… Obviously.

Any future plans?

We are looking at a few sites in Soho for a Rum Kitchen spin off.

Want to add anything?

Time flys when you’re having rum 😉

RumKitchen_Interior 5