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If you haven’t heard of Xero Vodka, then you need to get your head out of that Smirnoff bottle. Super hot booze-hound Will Seth-Smith is hitting the world with this uber posh Polish vodka. Regular columnist Em Bell finds out a bit more about the man behind the bottle…

Xero vodka shot glasses (2)

Why Vodka?
No greater spirit to drink neat. Versatile in taste & clean in effect.

Why Poland?
Finest and longest standing vodka producer in the world, why wouldn’t you draw on that heritage. People are cool too. Xero is about Polish and British combined. All our flavours are British produced, steeped in Polish potato vodka. Tying in those two classic elements.

How did you come up with the idea?
My father did, I saw it through.

Does it go with any snacks or nibbles?
Mosdef, massive philosophy is food pairing the vodkas. XERO NO/05 Raspberry accompanies chocolate based desserts amazingly – XERO NO/03 Elderflower with perhaps a peppered duck with elderflower dressing number or a classic pannacotta  – XERO NO/03 Pear fits excellently in the aperitif realm ‘cleansing the palate’ (hate that phrase) – XERO NO/02 Original you can just chew on the olive in the martini.

Describe Xero in three words.
PUNCHING BELOW WEIGHT (Just launched so expect 2013 to blow up)

Describe yourself in two words.
Mostly dehydrated

Describe your imaginary friend in one word.

What’s your favourite tipple?
Enjoying mescal based drinks at the moment. And DOOM BAR

What’s your ideal hangover cure?
Most are arcane and woeful, but its obviously subjective. For me cure in the form of prevention with water before bed and exercise the next day.

Who would be your ideal hangover friend?
Deborah Meadan; anything sexier than Deborah running her fingers through her hair… and saying…”I like your product” ?

Best party you have ever been to?
I went to one with a wizard once, otherwise any old rave in the woods

Do you have a favourite glass to drink from?

Favourite type of ice – cubes, block, crushed, none of the above, something else?
Blocks obvio

Straw or no straw?
No straw

Do you have a little quirk when mixing drinks? Maybe you wear a little hat or do a little dance?
No but I once saw a really old bartender in Brazil bless every concoction before serving. I know alcohol can be religious for some people but that always made me laugh

Who would be your ideal Xero ambassador?
Excellent question. Dead – Dennis Hopper / Alive – Bruce Parry (when drinking) or David Nalbandian (he loves a smash jaja cheap joke)

Who would be your ultimate stockist/ bar/ restaurant?
When we go retail its got to be Gerry’s of Soho / Mark’s Bar at HIX / Gessler at Daquise (already there)

Do you have a favourite bar in London? Or in the world?
878 THAMES in Buenos Aires (only a security guard lurking outside gives any suspicion that something deeply jackin’ is happening behind the seemingly residential wooden doors, too many good nights there)

Tell me about your ideal imaginary party that would knock your socks off.
Always imagined going on the rampage through London streets on VE day 1945, would have been insane. Black & white hangover though.

Where can we find Xero?
Bar wise head to 104 Draycott Avenue, just opened and they are going to have the most killa roof terrace for when the summer kicks in. Restaurant wise go to Bam Bou in Fitzrovia, amazing things happen there.

What’s next for Xero?
Boldly going where no brand has gone before, a listing in LIDL supermarket. Just kidding

Anything else you want to add?
Here’s the plug; outside of bars and restaurants Xero vodkas are killa additions to parties and weddings served with dinner. Look me up.