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By Em Bell

I have chosen the start and end point for my 2000 mile kick-scooter around Italy. Hip hip hooray.

And it’s not some little mound of soil somewhere.

It’s way way way better.

I’m going to be flying into Perugia and scooting to Tribewanted’s latest addition in Monestevole.


If you haven’t heard of Tribewanted. Shame on you. Founders Ben Keene (who rocks) and Filippo Bozotti (who I’m sure rocks too) are determined to recruit 10,000 members and through crowd funding create ten sustainable communities. You can read more about their story here.


With the first in Fiji and another in Africa, it’s latest addition in Monestevole is making this sustainability idea more accessible. The ethos of Tribewanted is the same, to protect the local environment and promote the local culture. But in the Italian version you have the Umbrian cuisine, farmers, horse lovers, artisans and music on top. Oh yes.


So I emailed Ben. The plan has been made. I will officially be starting my 2000 mile kick-scooter from these beautiful rolling fields. And I could not be more excited. I’ve been promised a proper send off on a full belly. What more could you want. And maybe I will even get hugs at the end.  Watch this space.

View from the Monestevole farm, Umbria