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By Em Bell

There is one problem with saying yes more.

It means you say yes.

A lot.

And that means you find it very hard to say no.

So while I buggered off to the Missouri River last year to stand-up paddle board 1001 miles down the Missouri River as the blogger on the support team for Dave Cornthwaite. This summer, I decided to take on my first solo expedition; to kick-scooter 2000 miles around Italy with all my kit on my back. Oh and an enormous boob for CoppaFeel breast cancer awareness charity.

But then applications opened to support Sean Conway. Another ginger taking on a monstrous task.

To swim the length of Britain.

Which has obviously never been done before. For obvious reasons. And guess what. It has become apparent that I have a thing for gingers doing long swims. And so I applied.


And now. It’s official. I will be spending two months on a little boat from Lands End to John O’Groats with Owain Wyn-Jones and Jeremy Fielden. As we support the ginger complete this nutty task.

As soon the ginger is safely on land in Bonnie Scotland, I will be off on my first solo expedition to kick-scooter around Italy. It will be cooler then too. Bonus.

So watch this space for both ginger swimmers and scooting Italians.