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By Em Bell

So there are quite a few fresh home delivery boxes kicking about with Lily Simpson’s Detox KitchenAbel and ColeRiver FordJessica’s Recipe BagThe Fresh Diet. You get the gist. So when I was called up by Hello Fresh. I was keen to get the goss.

What made it different from everyone else? What were they offering? Lily Simpson delivers your dietary goodies in a beautiful bag, which I still carry around with me. Abel and Cole are just oh so fresh, you can practically sniff yourself healthy.

Hello Fresh website grab

New company Hello Fresh takes the stress out of planning meals and shopping by delivering specially selected boxes,packed full of delicious ingredients to make healthy recipes, to your door. And boy does it do what it says on the tin. The box was rammed with goodies and easy to read instructions that someone that had never made a bit of toast could use.

In honour of Valentines Day all the recipes had a little love twist with Mighty Aphrodite’s Chicken and Chrorizo Paella, Passion Packed Beetroot Risotto and Seductively Perfect Pan-Fried Salmon with Courgette and Butterbean Salad. Each recipe had the exact fresh ingredients laid out. With perfect measurements. I think you could have fed three people with the amounts but maybe I just wasn’t that hungry (unlikely). It’s heaven for anyone too busy, stressed, looking to impress or just plain lazy.
I mean if that doesn’t get you laid, what will?
It’s even got a candle and some chocolate in there. How do you calm an agitated woman? Run her a bath. Light a candle. Stuff some chocolate in her gob. Pour her a glass of wine. And whip up something yummy but healthy that isn’t beans on toast. ‘Hello Fresh’ could save marriages all over the world.


Choose from a three or five day meal plan, for two, four or six people, with prices starting from £39.  You can expect to see ingredients for the likes of Chinese roasted duck salad with orange hoi sin dressing and prawn and prosciutto linguine, ready and waiting for you at home. Oh and Patrick, the Head Chef is pretty hot. Cross your fingers he will arrive in your box too.

photo 2

Just make sure you get a handle on the delivery dates and times. Mine arrived after I had left the office and luckily my next door neighbour work mates, took hold of the treasure chest. You might not be quite so lucky. Just make sure you get that right, because there are plenty of pirates kicking about that would want to get their mitts on your goodies. And those love potions are yours.