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The internet is utterly preposterous. It manages to somehow fire absurdity into the mainstream. First there was Fenton, then Gangnam Style and now we have the Harlem Shake. For the literally tens of you not in the know, this started when a group of Australians known as The Sunny Coast Skate uploaded this video just a few weeks ago:

The video has had over 14 million views and has started a bizarre YouTube crazy whereby  one person appears to be dancing to the (fairly annoying) song Harlem Shake until the bass kicks in, then the whole place goes batshit crazy. Groups, teams and offices from all walks of life have been mimicking this and the results are, frankly, extraordinary. From the Norwegian army to SeaWorld in San Antonio, via the Welsh Open snooker and Soccer AM, here are our favourite Harlem Shakes… (NB, you may want to turn the sound off after a while before your ears start bleeding)