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By Em Bell

When you’re set to kick a nugget’s scooter 2000 miles around Italy, what’s the first fear that comes to mind? Birds? Planes? Superman?



Now I love dogs a lot more than the next person. Our family dog is not a dog, she is a human and our behaviour towards her is relatively terrifying for newcomers. An ex-boyfriend once said ‘Doing something to Maisie would guarantee a swift dumping’. And he was right. Even after going on a date and being bitten in the face by an angelic pooch, I was still not put off by their loving, cuddly, bum-sniffing selves. Oh no. That was until I watched my friend Ness Knight and many other cycling adventurers battle with canines all around the world. As they cycled along with the sun shining and the birds tweeting, rapid teethy dogs of all sizes were biting at their heels.

River man Mark Kalch carries Bear Spray with him. I told Ness to hang sausages off the back of her bike to keep them away from her tootsies. But still the dogs persisted.

So when I stumbled across Tom Bruce and his cycling must-haves, I was very interested to read about one thing. And that thing is –


Firstly. What a cool name. Dazer. Now that’s a superhero name. The chick who dazzles boys. Have you seen DAZER. She is so spectacular.

But not just a pretty face and a cool name, Dazer supplies ‘Dog Deterrents’. They supply to athletes and nutters all around the world including Bear Grylls himself. And I always said I wanted to be the female version of him.

The pocket-sized machine works by emitting ultrasonic sound bursts which can help to prevent the approach of unwanted dogs at distances of up to 5 metres. The high frequency sound bursts are inaudible to humans but are disliked by dogs. As a result you should have no problem with these (picture below). And that makes my scooter and me just that little bit happier.