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By Em Bell

It was a Tuesday. I was running late. It was raining. I had loads of work to do. But I had been booked in at the new Spa in Kensington for the third time (having cancelling twice). I had already written up the new spa in the next issue of Pomp Magazine and once I was on my way, I was excited about having a massage. If I could have one thing everyday it would be a massage. I love them. I fall asleep. I utterly relax. And I could genuinely have one everyday. Maybe I just like having my body rubbed down? Who knows…


A clinic in Kensington that is the brainchild of ‘Float’ spa creator Roz Sullivan. It does exactly what it says on the tin, with a more Om approach of holistic treatments, meditation and therapy.

The reception area immediately calms you (without sounding like a stuck up yogi). With brick walls revealed by a flood. Spacious reception. A receptionist I slightly wanted to hug. Calming music. Yummy smells. Candles burning. Sofas. Magazines. Everything you need to hang out. And people do exactly that. They come and relax in the reception. It’s a safe haven for people to come and clear their mind. And Roz’s husband, Graham helps you do it.

We sat in the reception and chatted for a bit. Graham feels that you should spend 15 minutes calming down from your day so that by the time you start your treatment you have had a moment to breathe. After having changed my appointment from reflexology to a massage, I had no idea what I was in for.

I will let you experience it for yourselves. I can’t even explain. But once he was done, I left completely exhausted. Emotionally. Physically.

If you want to sort your head out as well as your body or just take some time out from the world in London, then this is your place. It’s so much more than a massage.

This wasn’t just a treatment this was an entire physical and emotional upheaval. That Graham really knows what he’s doing. And he’s the kind of guy that knows what you are thinking before you do… Just to warn you.