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Fear not the winter,
Let the crisp frost,
Stir your soul.
The morning sun rises
Brilliant, bright and clear,
Nighttime has left a
patina of white below.
A great ice canvas
For nature’s show.
Stop and look, listen
To the still of this grand

Winter whispers
‘Speak less, hear more,
I would be your friend
Your dream maker’
Snow, ice and frost
Her potent elixir are.
Inside fires are lit,
Hypnotized we stare,
distracted by the
ever-changing flicker
Moments fleet and
feelings remain.

Love the night
Cherish the days,
Now is for living,
Open your heart,
See past the chill,
Embrace the dark
And calm my friends,
Hold your goodness
Tight, for who knows
When we may share
Another night.

By Rob Sheffield