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The Heavy – The House That Dirt Built

The House That Dirt Built by English (although they sound as American as mom’s apple pie) rock band The Heavy is a truly extraordinary album. Extraordinary not in the way the exceptional sense of the word, but more in the way that it is unlike the sort of release that many of their peers are releasing. Indeed the description of them as a “rock band” is a pretty lazy one, as their music has every bit as much in common with funk and soul as it does with traditional rock.

Lead single How You Like Me Now? (below)is a case in point. It crashes onto the scene sounding like James Brown on crack, all rhythmic bass, driving drums and funk. It’s motown for the 21st century, only reinvented by four Englishmen from a sleepy Somerset village. Additional standout Small Town Hero (also below), once it finally kicks in, resembles a mash-up of Gnarls Barkley and Ennio Morricone. As a comparison, the two could hardly sound more different and yet they feel so cosy together on the album.

The Heavy are playing KOKO in London on 21st March next year, and given that they are the only band to have ever been asked to do an encore on US television juggernaut Late Show with David Letterman, it seems a safe assumption that their awesome energy lends itself to the live arena. Attendance is strongly advised.

By Harry Harland