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The road to success in the music industry is a rocky one, and each step must be appreciated for the huge achievement that it represents. It is therefore with great pleasure that I can announce that BiG BEAT BRONSON are playlisted by none other than Radio 1 next week.

For long term fans of the blog, you’ll know that BBB are the crew of Geordie time-travelling MC Baron von Alias, the sharp-suited, quick-tongued rapper from the north who has amassed a growing number of fans over the last few years. This is a major leap though. New Me, in which the Baron is joined by his band-mates of rapper MistaBreeze and singer Eliza Lawson, was the last track on August’s May Contain Nuts EP and thoroughly deserves to invade the nation’s airwaves. Heavy bass, eclectic drumming and sharp vocals from Lawson intersect the usual Tyne-tinged rap of the lads. It’s a cracking tune and one that will hopefully fire BiG BEAT BRONSON into the BiG TIME. Check it out below

By Harry Harland