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Citizens! – (I’m in love with your) Girlfriend

 From the school of 80s nostalgia comes this sexy tune from the increasingly successful Citizens! That’s not my exclamation mark, by the way, there’s nothing particularly exclamatory about the last sentence. It sounds like I find it amusing that they are increasingly successful. Anyway, the band insists on it. What is it with bands doing strange things with punctuation and symbols these days? Thinking of the band known simply as ∆ (Alt J), and the artist formerly known as Prince, formerly known as a symbol, now known as Prince again. They just like making it difficult for us.
I digress, ‘(I’m in love with your) Girlfriend’ is the most catchy song from Citizens! debut album, ‘Here We Are’. You’d expect them to go onto bigger things but for the moment you catch them live for the small band price of just a tenner on 20th November in Shoreditch’s XOYO.
by Ed Lines