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Uh oh. We’ve been updating you with random bits and bobs but here are all things that happened over the last week while the ginger was on the mend. This is all from a week ago today.

Last Monday. It was another day at Snake Creek. And after a morning of social media, blogging, editing and expedition preparation, the amazing Patti from the Gerlach Family dropped Dave a line. While the ginger rested and popped to the doctor, we headed off to Platte for an afternoon of scooters, gyms from ‘One Tree Hill’, Boom burgers, the Gerlach furniture shop, massage chairs and all things town like. After a day in civilization we returned to Snake Creek for pizzas the size of ourselves courtesy of the amazing family, pontoon jumping with the awesome Bear and practically Olympic swimmer Alex, and another campfire. The Gerlach family were utterly spectacular. Jowell, Patti, Alex and Aaron are awesome and the most generous people we have ever met. I have no idea how one family can put up with us and look after us for so long. They are hilarious and after a night of camp for singing we have all downloaded Kip Moore’s cracking tunes.

Tuesday was an admin dayand then an evening with our favourite family the Gerlachs. Another swimming lesson with the boys and then supper at camp.

Windy Wednesday turned out to be not quite as windy as epected. But our swimmer was still not on the mend. So another day of admin. And the perfect end to our Snake Creek session saw the Gerlach family with a car load of beef crockpot, noodles, cookies, friends and just and amazing night.

Thursday was back to the river. The journey continues with more music, a new found love for Smors, campfires and the incredible Gerlach family in our lives.

by Em Bell