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If you were to name a place in a horror movie it would most likely be called Snake Creek. And that’s exactly where we ended up last Friday. And where my last blog finished. And luckily we are still alive. With Dock 44, Linda and all things food and drink, it really couldn’t be any further from the slasher flick envisaged.

After a week in the wilderness, Friday was a blur of social media, calling family and uploading everything from the river. I had about 10 emails from my mum trying to play it cool as each day passed without a blog. Without an email. Without the tracker moving on the map from Chamberlain. The tracker seemed to work for everyone else. But my mum and technology don’t get on.

So parents worries were softened and we caught up with the world. While scoffing on pancakes the size of our head, chocolate milk and lots and lots of eggs. The weekend was spent in Snake Creek campsite surrounded by cracking families all interested in the story of the ginger in the water.

The mariner bar and restaurant, Dock 44 was filled with amazing people, mainly here for catching the enormous Walli, Carp and Garr. We earned our keep by working behind the bar and met a whole host of locals. Tim gave me his hat. Travis spent the whole evening with us. An incredible lady who had recovered from cancer recently. And John who told us days of jokes and treated us to breakfast. What an amazing guy. A baby bear peed in my hand. That was one of his jokes, not something that actually happened. But it did involve water and make me almost pee myself.

Saturday brought Caveman Jay, Dave and his crew from Minnnesota. John and his wife again. An amazing couple came over and sat with us. Another day spent sharing the CoppaFeel story and our Missouri adventure.

Sunday saw Daves ear not yet top notch so we had breakfast with an amazing group of children and their parents and dogs. I learnt to play a bean bag games, rode a skateboard, hung upside down at the playground. And the day closed with yet another family inviting us into their company. Two amazing parents with their children Alex and Bear who filled us with Smors around the campfire. And I learnt enough self defence moves to take down an army. He even ran out of his car to give me the rest of his apricots. What a little hero.
Day 11 and the river is looking flat and inviting. But we just need to make sure our ginger is on top form. We are restocked. And we have shared our stories so far. And all the amazing people who I cannot believe invite seven river rats into their keep. Utterly spectacular. We love Linda. Snake Creek. And all the people we’ve met here and may never see again. It seems this area is extremely affected by cancer and so we were sharing our adventure with a lot of people who knew exactly why everyone needs to check their boobs. We are doing it right now. You better be.

By Em Bell