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Picture this. A short little person. With hobbit feet, a nose like a beak and a fog horn for a voice. Yes people, that is me. And on Friday 8th June, I was a shadow of my normal self. The usual Thursday night out for a desk bound Londoner meant that I went to bed at 5am and was being inappropriately friendly to people in the street on my way into work. Unfortunately it was the busiest day for the  luxury magazine, which I write for. The day where 75,000 copies of the new issue arrive at the office and distribution begins. You get the jist. Prior to this I had sent out a facebook request for someone, preferably with big muscles and ginger hair, to help load the remaining magazines into our office.  Say hello to Dave Cornthwaite, who had just returned from an adventure and was writing a book about 50 ways to make £50 in London. Now Dave and I had been avid cyber friends for a while now and this would be our first meeting.


Now back to the hungover sweat. In a whirlwind of conversation, some supportive hugs and some casual bonding, Dave mentioned the ‘blogger’ position had just opened up on his next adventure: to stand up paddle board 1000 miles down the Missouri River alongside Dave himself who would be swimming it. All in honour for CoppaFeel breast cancer charity. Simple answer. Yes please.

Since being born during an earthquake in Chile, I have been obsessed with travelling and adventure. Give me a plane ticket any day. I’ve travelled round the world, climbed mountains, lived in Cape Town and all that. Back in London I have gone from headhunting, to presenting and writing. And now write for Pomp Magazine. For the past 10 months I have been happily writing for the magazine, living with my good mate and my parents breathed a sigh of relief that I had finally settled down. Enter Dave Cornthwaite. On one odd little Friday. Within 24 hours. I had applied for the position of blogger on the expedition, been accepted, moved out of my house and been given a two month sabbatical from work. Casual.

I missed all the training sessions. Tried paddle boarding by myself for an hour. The board and I bonded.

I made it to the fundraising event where I met the team and stuck stickers to my head.

I slept through my alarm and almost missed my flight.


I spent the weekend in New York with family. A night in Minneapolis with cracking adventurers by a pond. Got eaten alive by mosquitos. Spent a day travelling through America on a bus. Had a Burger King in Jackson. Made friends with a cowboy from Wyoming. Watched Jerry Springer with a 77 year old amazing lady. Then made it to Chamberlain, South Dakota. Paddle boards collected. Kit prepared.  Sunset on a boat. Pancakes the size of our heads. Training session on the river. Warning signs laid out. Formations arranged. Laundry done. Packing almost complete. Launch party in an hour. Start line in sight. And ready to paddle.

We are ready to make really big boob covered waves. Starting tomorrow.

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