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Harry Harland (BiG Beat Bronson – May Contain Nuts)

D12, NWA, G-Unit… There have been many occasions where successful rappers have decided that the road to success is better walked in the company of others, and Geordie time-travelling MC Baron von Alias is no different. The Baron, who is somewhat of a favourite on these pages, has recruited the help of long-time partner (no, not in that way…) MistaBreeze and new female recruit Eliza Lawson to form BiG Beat Bronson, the UK’s latest hip hop crew.

May Contain Nuts, a 6-track EP, has been in the pipeline for a while. Indeed plans have been afoot for its release ever since BVA and Mista rocked BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend with Get Wild, Gan Mental (featured on this release) over a year ago. The subsequent YouTube “release” of the Action Man, a track that is both amazing and amusing (not least in its video, below) in equal measure, further added to the anticipation. It’s a great song, mixing the off-beat drums of Dizzee Rascal’s breakthrough hit Fix Up, Look Sharp with some dancey electronica and a splash of good old Newcastle wit.

Elsewhere on the EP, Lawson-led numbers Nothing and Sorry add a more mellow feel to proceedings, the former with echoes of Katy B, while opener Move With It is yet another portion of feel-good “dance-hop” from the lads.

Now available on iTunes, and with their own brand new website, it seems that this EP could be the start of something big for this “Tyne-amic Trio”. As they say themselves… Get Wild, Gan Mental!