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Fresh ingredients. Minimum fuss. That’s the chat of the Spanish tapas bar rocking out in Soho. This little hangout has frequented my ‘To Go To’ list for quite a while now, so I was pretty blooming excited when I walked through the doors of Barrafina on a date the other day. Good. Date. Choice.

It’s a small L shaped room with a big open kitchen surrounded by a bar. Cooks were whipping up beautiful little dishes, while Rose was poured. Grab a drink as you stand in line to wait for a space. There is a ledge to put your drinks and you can get snacks if you are about to eat your own arm. Don’t go with more than two people as you want to sit up on the stools at the bar. Once you take your seat, you can perve on what everyone else is eating and chat to the hot waiters about what to get.

The waiter put together a bunch of things for us and we waited and watched as it was whipped up. Highlights include the chorizo tortilla which was out. of. this. world.  And the rump of lamb which was moist (sorry for using that word) and melted in your mouth. The rose was pale. I don’t know what wine lingo is but it was pale and beautiful. I closed my eyes and I was on a yacht in Monaco. Not quite but almost.

Filled with a total mix of people, this place is worth the queue. The sun was shining, the waiters are Spanish, the food is cracking and the whole vibe makes you feel like you’re in Spain. Why bother going?!

by Em Bell