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Name: Mr Hackney Carriage

Age: n/a

Profession: London Black Cab Driver

You wait hours for one, then ten come along…

How long have you driven a cab for?

18 years

What’s the strangest object that’s been left in your cab (one cabbie once told me, a dead pig!)?

I get lots of the usual, phones and stuff, but 3 tomatoes was probably the oddest

Do you genuinely take the shortest route?

Yes, of course

Who are the rudest passengers?

New Yorkers


They’re New Yorkers

What’s the oddest thing a tourist has said/asked/done?

Nothing springs to mind.  Mostly they just try to pay in their own currency – like Rubles.

What’s been the strangest thing about driving a cab during the Olympics?

How blinking quiet it is

Since people often yell ‘Taxi!’ at you, have you ever just had enough and yelled back ‘Pedestrian!’?


What do you have for breakfast?


Do you drink lots of tea?

Yes, but green tea

Who’s been the most famous person you’ve had in your cab?

Sir Paul McCartney, he was very nice.

Did he tip?


How much?


Fluff, no wonder my offerings are sneered at.  Any other famous people?

What’s that Australian singer…erm…Kylie.  She was nice too.

Do you ever listen in to conversations going on in the back?

[Grins, pauses] I try not to!

What do you like the most about taxi driving?

The flexibility

What do you loathe the most?


Have Addison Lee et al affected your business?


What do you like people to call you?


Who are the worst drivers?

Bus drivers

What is your favourite part of London?

The City – I like the vibe

Anything else you’d like to add?


Trivial Pursuits would like to thank Mr Hackney Carriage for answering our questions.  Better be off now though – Taxi!