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La Bodega Negra is another joint that I’ve been wanting to hit for a while. Ever since reading Grace Dent from the Evening Standard Magazine, write up on the place, I’ve been desperate to go. So I don’t know why I was quite so surprised when I turned up at no. 9 Old Compton Street to find a sex shop. My mate and I looked at each other? Is it one of those trick Soho places? Is it actually the wrong address? Have we gone wrong? So around the other side we went, like little school children, giggling at the words ‘sex’ and ‘shop’ in one sentence.


La Bodega Negra cafe was right there and they pointed us back round the other side. When we said ‘Is it through the sex shop’ with giggly voices, they said ‘yes, yes it is’. I wonder how many times they are asked that.

Reception was manned by two hot chicks and an eccentric guy who tried to tell us we had taken a wrong turn.  Downstairs we went. On the sunniest day of the year. The dungeon was surprisingly cool for a dungeon. Nice cold air. Dark, dark, dark. Odd little crows hanging on harps and other random bits. The place is now filled with slightly squidgy ladies and dorky looking men in suits. Not sure the clientele are as cool as you would expect. But I guess the cool kids went when I put it on my list.

Mains are between £19 and £29 which is pretty expensive. Considering that the £19 ones are chicken and boring bits. So we decided to share lots of starters. Say hello to a lot of taco and the likes. All delicious. The ‘Lost in Mexico’ cocktail was superb as suggested on the door. The food was yummy. But we were still STARVING and I wanted something fresher but then the price jumped up.

Cracking vibe. Good food. Odd crowd. Oddly brilliant decorations. But a bit too expensive for my liking but we loved the whole thing. Especially the naughty entrance but we did head up to Princi for some pizza and cheesecake. I told you we were still hungry. Guess I got over wanting something fresh and light too. Doh.

by Em Bell