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From the days of Santa and chicken outfits, the Missouri 1000 team now prepare for 2 months as a bunch of fish.  Read the first instalment from TP Editor and regular Friday Guest Blog from the Swimm1000, Miss Em Bell

I’m definitely the dweeby type. Aside from wishing I was born a boy and loving rare burgers, I am a total sucker for happy endings. I believed in Santa Claus until I was inappropriately old, I built dens until an even more inappropriate age and I always cry t the Carphone Warhouse advert. You know the one where the little mobile phone gets forgotten in the gutter, while his owner hangs out with his cool new phone. Psk. The tears.

Basically I’m corny. I love the spontaneity of following your dreams and after quitting my job in 2009, I’ve never looked back. Sleeping on train patterned mattresses next to my parents and getting paid £2 an hour to sell balloons in a chicken outfit are all part of the adventure. That’s what happens when you quit your job for something different in search of something you love. It’s not always easy but boy do I love the ride. I love the uncertainty.

Dave Cornthwaite Paddles Forth

So after settling into my dream job writing for Pomp Magazine and moving in with one of my best mates, I thought I might just be getting old.  Well six months in, I spent two hours with Dave Cornthwaite and I handed in my notice on my flat, I was given a two month sabbatical at work and I was officially the ‘Queen’ (self proclaimed title) blogger on one cracking adventure. I mean how could I say no to standup paddle boarding 1000 miles down the Missouri River in a support team filled with other spectacular oddballs as the ginger nut swims the whole thing. I mean, who could say no.
So it all began in 2009, when I decided to quit my job in head hunting. And it ends with lunch in Green Park on a long board with a ginger eating a salad. Preparing for the ride of a lifetime. Well it doesn’t really end here. This is the just the beginning.

See I told you I was corny.

If you talk to the birds nicely Dave, maybe they will carry you?

By Em Bell