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Sometimes think I’m too clever for the world. Well not really. Not really at all actually. Especially when I can’t even spell the title of the play I went to see the other day at the Donmar Theatre. For those of you who know me well, know that I blooming love the Donmar. Another night there. Another treat. I actually had no idea about the play until I walked in. My mum and I are in a constant battle as to whether you should read everything about a play before you see it. Or (in my opinion) know nothing and let it all rain.

Anyway, this time I really knew absolutely nothing about it. ‘The Physicists’ was the title. It began with another nurse (a seriously hot one at that. You could hear the lads in the audience whispering) murdered in the world’s most illustrious sanatorium. And who’s to blame this time: Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein or the brilliant Johann Wilhelm Möbius? But what are these great minds doing here, together at the same time? Who are these men? And what have they got to hide? In the new version by Jack Thorne, the characters involved go the long way around considering if insanity is the only refuge for the dangerously intelligent. I mean it’s a subject I ponder every day.

It was hilarious at points. And then I realised I was laughing at bits that no one else was laughing at, so I’m not sure I found the right parts funny. But it was entertaining. I was gripped to find out what happened and even though our group had mixed opinions on the whole thing, I actually was quite fascinated by it. I think the problem is that Josie Rourke, the new artistic director at the Donmar keeps picking pieces that are difficult to relate too. Michael Grandage was infamous for his line up and each and every play knocked you for six. Rourke has presented some interesting pieces but they haven’t got quite the same reaction. Well that’s just my view. Oh and my mum’s.

Anyway, ’We are wild animals. They can’t let us loose on humanity’. Well I have the same problem but I think it’s because I scare people.

By Em Bell