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Harry Harland (Age Of Consent – Heartbreak)

Last time I checked, the year wasn’t 1985. Granted, I haven’t checked for a while, but it would be a bit of an oversight if nigh-on 30 years had passed without me noticing. This is however a fact that appears to have eluded London duo Age Of Consent on the basis of their new single Heartbreak.

This song was played the other night by XFM talent-spotter-supreme John Kennedy and I immediately fell in love with it. It is almost a pastiche of the entire 80s in the course of four minutes. All the hallmarks are there. Bass-synths, robotic vocals, quirky computerised sound effects, mechanical drum-beats… They’re all here resplendent in their vintage glory. Indeed, if this song had been released 30 years ago, I have no doubt that it would have been an enormous hit.

So authentic is the feel of this record that, upon hearing it on the radio it’s enough to make you grab the nearest stranger by the lapels and shout “What year is it?” in his face.

So download it, pump the bass up high and prepare your finest robot dance. The 80s are back. And if the quality is this high, let’s hope they’re here to stay.