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This post marks a very special moment, as it is the 200th article that we have published since our humble beginnings in November 2011!

Who would have the honour of writing this landmark article? We couldn’t decide, so we came up with this novel (and not at all lazy…) solution:

We thought that this would be a good opportunity for some of our regular contributors to suggest some of their favourite articles from the last 6 months for you to read. So we had a brain-storm, and once we’d stopped slapping each others backs and telling each other how great we were, have come up with this “best of Trivial Pursuits” list of articles, just in case you missed them.

So click on any of the links below, enjoy, and thank you for your continued readership!


Harry Harland

Baby Please Don’t Go (To My Place Of Work)

How to handle a commercial opportunity, Trivial Pursuits-style…

Today’s jokes for tomorrow’s world – A fashion critique


Beenie Langley

Thank You and Goodnight

The Very Worst Thing About Facebook

Check Me Out Of The Self-Checkout!


Edward Lines

Your Cathedral’s F**king S**t: a social analysis of football fans on European away days

The Scream: Worth $120m?

Making Bad Art and Getting Away with It: Damien Hirst at Tate Modern


Em Bell

Moves Like Jagger

Where To Get That Christmas Snog…

How To Get A Snog This Valentine’s Day