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Harry Harland (The Young Knives – Voices of Animals and Men)

This week I have been mostly listening to the fantastic 2006 debut album from quirky indie band The Young Knives. In terms of music, they have a very stripped-back indie sound, driven by some funky drumbeats backed with just a solitary guitar and bass. So far, so very standard.

The aspect that really attracts me to them as a band though is their oddness. They have an almost unique yet utterly superb image, looking as they do like a raggle-taggle collection of accountants from the 1970s (see above), while all of their songs contain moments of tongue-in-cheek brilliance. Excellent single She’s Attracted To is all about having a heated argument with a girlfriend’s parents over dinner, culminating in a comedy fight over the repeated refrain of “You were screaming at your mum and I was punching your dad”. It’s all so wonderfully peculiar, and yet so very English.

The song I’ll supply below though is called The Decision, and is just a brilliantly catchy summer tune. I once saw the band live, around five years ago, and they introduced it by saying: “This song is… erm… really good”. I can’t argue with that statement.


Ed Lines (Jake Bugg – Country Song)

Nottingham’s 18 year old Bob Dylan sound-a-likey. You’ll know this song from the Greene King IPA ad. At not even two minutes in length, he must be quite lazy. But what a lovely couple of minutes.