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Ed Lines (Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar)

French film director Michel Gondry directed the music video for the Chemical Brothers’ Star Guitar in 2001. He pioneered a technique whereby he created a continuous filmed shot from a train window travelling through the South of France, which he interspersed with various bits and pieces from the passing landscape to appear in shot in time with the sounds and beats of the music.

The beauty of YouTube is that I came across the recent version by a kid fromRussiawho has painstakingly remade the video to correspond in the same way with a level from vintage 8bit NES game, Super Mario. All the iconic features of the game: coins, tubes, baddies, clouds, blocks etc, are synchronised with the music. Compelling viewing.

Harry Harland (Grouplove – Colours)

There are times, particularly when the clouds part and the sun shines through, that it is best not to over-complicate things. I’m all for a 25-minute Pink Floyd orchestral collaboration, indeed probably more so than the next man. However during this recent spate of decent weather, I have become heavily enamoured with American band Grouplove’s 2011 minor hit Colours.

It’s a wonderfully simple song that can’t fail to put a spring in your step. The original is well worth a listen, but I’m going to provide the link for the “Captain Cuts remix”, which isn’t wildly different but has a fair amount more ‘oomph’ to it. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a summer BBQ, so let it waft over those charred sausages…