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As a new (hopefully regular!) feature, Trivial Pursuits will be holding Question & Answer sessions with some of the characters who made our childhoods what they were. Whatever their field of expertise, these are the people who brought rays of light to our formative years…

Andi Peters, the legend that presented Children’s BBC all those years ago, is Trivial Pursuits’ inaugural Childhood Hero of the Week.

He talks to Beenie Langley about Edd the duck…and ‘that’ cupboard.


Who was your childhood hero?

Luke Skywalker

Was there rivalry between you and Edd the Duck (ie who got the bigger changing room – that sort of thing)?

Edd had a fleet of people (advisors) with him all the time. The jury is out about who was the funniest…I know the truth.

Andi and Edd. Friends and rivals?

Our mums all sent in birthday cards but they were never read out.  Why?

Ask Simon Parkin, he did the birthday cards. There was a rule NOT to do 1 year old cards…and when I sat in for Simon I refused to do cards with glitter on them as you’d find glitter on you 5 days later.

What was your favourite Children’s BBC show?

Byker Grove

How small was the ‘decorated box’ you had to sit in for hours on end – it looked awfully claustrophobic…

You’re referring to The Broom Cupboard, show some respect!

Do you prefer working in TV or Radio?

TV, it’s much more fun

What has been your career highlight to date?

There are far too many to mention. Creating T4 still pleases me.

On a show of Live & Kicking you had to hold a tarantula to get you over your phobia of spiders.  I seem to remember you might have dropped it…Do you still have nightmares about spiders?


What is your favourite book?

Erm…don’t get to read much. No idea really.

You did very well on Celebrity Masterchef – what would you cook at a dinner party?

I’d do a cold starter, some sort of fish dish for main and then one of my cakes as I love baking.

On Celebrity Masterchef, were you ever tempted to say to John & Greg ‘You think this is hard – trying talking to a puppet on live TV day after day – and then you’ll know the meaning of the phrase “it doesn’t get tougher than this”‘?

You’re making me laugh now…

Do you have a ‘trivial pursuit’?

Not really, sorry.

To all the Trivial Pursuits readers who watched you (as children) on CBBC back in the nineties, is there anything you’d like to say to them now?

I’ve been very lucky to work on some great shows and more are still to come. Thanks for watching…Blue Peter’s next after Newsround.


We’d like to thank Andi Peters so much for so kindly talking to us