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I’ve just signed up to boot camp. In an attempt to get a bikini body 2012, I’ve signed up and I’m raring to go. For £38 I can go to unlimited classes at different times and different locations across London with  SW Fitness. Stumble outside my office and in Green Park this class from hell takes please.

On my first day, I walked into the park to find a group of ten stacked men working out and screaming. I got out my phone and pretended to look at a text. I was about to bail. I could just run away now and they would never know who this mystery ‘I’m going to have a body like Jessica Alba’ person was.

Me before = 

Luckily this super hot chick with a bottom I would die for comes up to me and asks if I’m joining the class. This class is full of girls and my best mate is with me. He is practically a girl anyway. We started with some casual running and warming up and then the devil flies out of that pretty lady (who previously reminded me of Miss Honey and now was more like Ursuala in the Little Mermaid.)

After some horrendous squats and sprints I puked in my mouth. That was a low point. I also screamed ‘I hate her’. Also a low point. Especially as the person I confided in was her mate.

Me after = 

Not only was I sweating, vomitting in my mouth, loosing the ability to see but I was also being shunned for slagging off the slave driver. It’s painful but apparently you burn lots of the cake off so that’s got to be a good thing. I’ve had to cancel because of “””””work””””” for a couple of weeks but I’m back, ready to puke in my mouth again next week. It’s worth every penny.

by Em Bell