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After 145 posts in as many days, which have resulted in a truly astonishing 21,000 (and counting!) hits, the Trivial Pursuits team have decided to go on a brief hiatus.

We could try to present this as a creative brainstorming period, where we pool new ideas, redesign the site and come back armed with lashings of fresh material. In truth, we are going to redesign the site shortly, with new logos from the canvas of Zanny Mellor. This, aside from anything else, will mean my face is no longer on the site, which can only be a good thing.

The sad truth of our Easter recess though is that Mr Lines and myself are off on holidays and you don’t honestly think we’d leave the running of the site to a pair of GIRLS do you? It would be chaos.

We shall be back with a bang on Monday 16th April, until then you can write to your local MP telling them what an awful chauvanist I am.

Happy Easter everyone, and thank you for your enduring readership.


PS – If your life is empty without us, why not explore the archives. The helpful drop-down links at the top will guide you vaguely in the right direction. Who knows… You might have missed something?