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We all know that I’m easily pleased but I absolutely loved ‘The Hunger Games’, a film directed by Gary Ross, and based on the 2008 young-adult bestseller by Suzanne Collins. In a film where the entirety of North America has become a totalitarian state, traumatised by chronic food shortages; the people of the land must supply 24 young people by lottery to compete in a televised survival contest in a fenced-off woodland arena, provided with weapons and food, fighting with the elements and each other until only one remains alive. I know it ain’t Bambi is it?

After being selected (with a lot of drama I might add) they are whisked off to a land where people dress with absurdly obvious decadence and foppery. Lavished with food, luxury, top-notch athletic training and the intoxicating thrill of celebrity, they begin to glow: sacrificial lambs who think they’re rock stars. Among them are tough, level-headed Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson). Here you have your two main characters and I was a little bit in love with them both.  You basically watch them prepare and take part in a reality tv show that makes Big Brother look like a land of puppies and fairies.

Sex? Not really. Unless you count a little snog. Violence? A bit. But the shaky camera angles represent the violence instead of actually seeing anything. I’m a bit of a gore freak so that was vaguely disappointing but I still had my legs up on the chair and screamed out loud a couple of times. Considering I was in the Electric Cinema, I chucked my wine in the air and stretched out my legs without touching anyone. Boy do I love it there. I left angry that I hadn’t read the books and psyched about the next part. But then this is coming from someone who loves Finding Nemo. So maybe go see it for yourselves and make your own mind up.

by Em Bell