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If you’re a complete computer dork like me, then you will love this place. It’s a shout out to all self proclaimed gamers. Inamo on Wardour Street is utterly brilliant. Square tables with computer graphics on top. Order all your food and drinks with your touch pad mouse. Kick some ass on battle ships. Change the scenery of your table to a zebra. See what’s going on in the kitchen with the kitchen cam. I swear the chef was doing something funky with the saucepan?

The food is delicious. Quite pricey but seriously good. The crab maki is insanely good. As are the ribs. The rare beef salad is uber spicy but cracking. The sake is delicious and makes your eyes go fuzzy and your jokes sound funnier. Finish up in the bar downstairs for more sake. That’s after you’ve viewed your bill and called a waiter. You don’t need to bring your gameboy. All the games are there. With snacks while you play.

by Em Bell