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Occupation: Catwalk Model

Age: 24

Name: Miss Stunner de String Bean

Pay per day: Nil points to a couple of grand! Normally it’s just about 150 squids though – rubbish. Daily rate of magazine fees are 250 standard – also a bit rubbish.


How did you come up with your walk?

A man screamed ‘BE SEXY’ at me in a German accent for about an hour as I walked up and down, in the agency when I first joined, aged 14. 


Do you practise it going down the street?

Err, well yah, I mean, when else am I meant to get any practise time in?


Have you ever wanted to skip down the catwalk or like, hop?

Eurgh, I generally just want to get off it as quickly as possible…I’d run down if I was allowed


What are you thinking as you walk down the runway?

Bunnies, flowers and where my next drink will be coming from


Do you pout at the end for the photographers?

Err, like, duh.


Have you or anyone you’ve worked with fallen over?

I did a spectacular stumble at French Connection recently, though it wasn’t technically a fall…but it was a very close call.


Have you ever said to the designer ‘Do you actually expect me to wear that?’

There was a ‘boob out’ incident recently I expressed my distaste about…


Do models ever eat?

Of course not


Do you drink Moet and Chandon through straws before a show?

I’m more of a Veuve Cliquot girl


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to wear?

A Japanese designer once dressed me as a mushroom


Is it just a massive bitchfest backstage?

It can be!


Is it true that WHENEVER you’re asked a question, you MUST answer ‘Yah, yah darling yah’?

Well…I mean, yah. Yah…dahling, yah.


What’s the nastiest thing anyone has ever said – either to you or someone else?

To my face last LFW; “You’re a bit shit, aren’t you?”


What’s the form in a casting?

Go in, show book, get judged, leave. 


If I asked you to, could you do Blue Steel, or better still, Magnum?

Yah, yah, dahling, yah of course


Are male models clever or just pretty?

Sometimes neither but generally just pretty


What are other models like?

Babes, although the Russians are TERRIFYING!


Does Anna Wintour ever smile?

Does she even know how to?  Maybe her and Victoria Beckham should take some classes.


Tell me something I won’t know about catwalk modelling.

It generally involves standing in a thong and pair of heels backstage for long periods of time while someone tries to work out what you’re meant to be wearing, as hundreds of photographers & bloggers take your picture


Anything else you’d like to add?

It’s not all bad…sometimes you get to hangout in hotel dressing gowns, ordering room service and have facials while you wait for the shows or shoots to start!


Trivial Pursuits would like to thank Miss Stunner de String Bean for finding a slot in her glitzy diary for this interview.  Yah, yah, darling, yah