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Red Riding Hood is hot… And so is the Riding House Cafe. After reading A A Gill’s write up on the new Oxford Circus hangout The Riding House Cafe I was disappointed before I even got there Being a glass half full kinda girl, I ploughed on in and booked table there for breakfast. Just to make it even yummier, I was being taken out as “press”. God I sound like a douche. Well I had the dreamiest breakfast. The place is filled with a lot of PR girls and a lot of media types but I was extremely unphased by anyone around me. The open plan is airy, the decor is wooden and teal. Long long tables. Kind of an old train station hotel vibe if that even makes sense? And the bathrooms are old stables. It felt like an expensive version of shabby chic and yes, while it did seem to copy the same Soho vibe that is taking over the area, I still liked it. Yummy fresh juice, ideal eggs florentine and then a hot chocolate to boot. What a way to start your day.

by Em Bell