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How could someone create a restaurant where there is a decision as big as Burger or Lobster? Well the new Goodman venture does just that, but actually there isn’t that much choice. As you can only get burger, lobster or a lobster roll. So being with none other than my mate Ennever we got a burger and a lobster and shared. What better way to try the new Mayfair destination called none other than Burger and Lobster. Another restaurant where you can’t book, the vibe was great. The cocktails looked blooming great but I avoided them in an attempt to detox and went for the munch instead (You know that small salad + burger + lobster… I’m practically a model today). The waiter was Irish or something and hot. You can chill at the bar while you wait and then you are seated in a restaurant that is surprisingly big. It was even rammed on a Monday night at 6.30 so I can imagine it’s carnage later in the week.

Now I have quite strong opinions on lobster. It’s meant to be so posh but I want to eat it with a bib on, with my hands, with dressing all over your lap and with bare feet in the sand. Well ignoring the bare feet and the sand, you do exactly that. The food is brought out on big trays with a yummy salad, perfect chips and the main of your choice. Switch half way and Bob’s your Uncle. With my bib on, I oohed and aahed my way through the meal. The lobster and the lemon, garlic dressing was superb. Melt in your mouth superb. I could not recommend it more and you know I love a burger.

by Em Bell