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I mean I cannot explain how much I want to be ‘Britain’s greatest female stone sculptor’. Well unfortunately there is another chick called Emily who got there before me. During the Spring of this year, six stone heads will haunt Berkeley Square reminding me that it just isn’t me. Emily Young is setting out to create a series of sculptures from ancient, complex and volcanic stone and boy do I want to see them. She sources her works from a disused quarry on Monte Amiata, near to her studio in a semi-ruined 17th century monastery in the Maremma, Italy. I mean are you kidding me. She cannot be this insanely cool. The heads, weighing up to 3 tonnes, will be grouped in a circle in the posho square itself. Some of her other works have been showing at the Fine Art Society so get your rocky self there. She is the mediator between the human and geolical realms. How could you not want to go?

by Emily Bell