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Do you remember the film ‘What Women Want’ with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt? It’s a gem of a chick flick where Mel Gibson, a cocky dude in advertising who cares about no one, gets electrocuted in the bath and gains the ability to hear women’s thoughts. It’s genius. Here women are portrayed in their psycho, list making, neurotic, how does my hair look, I need to get my nails done type way and Mel gets an insight into the female brain. It’s pretty scary to be honest.

Anyway in films like this and pretty much all chick flicks, women think about shoes, hair and emotion while men think about beer, sport and well… you know. So it was quite the surprise to find out that men actually think quite a lot more than I realised.

Dave Cornthwaite, a record-breaking adventurer and hot piece of ginger, whose conquests include skateboarding across Australia and paddleboating along the Missisipi attemped to try a different sort of challenge. In the search for a girlfriend (note not meaningless sex) he set himself 100 days to date 100 women. And then wrote about it. When I started the book, surprisingly called DATE, I was expecting a lads journey of getting trashed, getting laid and pretty much snogging his way round London. What a surprise. A world record holder actually has a lot of thoughts going on in that hot ginger head of his.

I am pretty black and white when it comes to dating. I don’t really think much. Maybe I’m just a bit of a bloke. But Cornthwaite talks you through every text, message, arm stroke, flutter, flitter and snuggle. The book is hilarious. With Eddie Izzard lookalikes to kinky strippers, he meets them all and tells you everything. He even shares with you his first wet dream. I feel like I know him and he’s only my cyber friend. It’s pretty freaky knowing this much about someone and never having met them. I’m almost offended I wasn’t selected in the 100 date lineup.

From online dating to street pickups, big ones, small ones, manly ones, girlie ones, grumpy ones and smiley ones; this challenge seemed more exhausting and more mentally challenged than boarding across land or river. And it makes quite a story. For the single people out there, this is something to aspire too. If you dated a new person every day how long would it take to find love? Well you will just have to read it to find out. And FYI ‘What Men Want’ is a good old snuggle and the love and attention of one hot lady. Especially in the winter. Especially if they don’t take themselves too seriously. And especially if he puts one kiss at the end of his text.

Oh and when you didn’t realise that men could actually be sweeter than sugar pie, Dave himself is donating 10% of the sales to CoppaFeel! breast cancer awareness. It’s all about the boobs so get your paperback version here and if have one of those funny kindle things, then you can get it here. Go on. Coppa Feel! It feels pretty darn good.

By Em Bell