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I know this has been around for a blooming long time and it’s been a popular destination for chicks, dudes, old, young, tourists, locals alike… But Gordons Wine Bar really is great. Established in 1890, this is the oldest wine bar in London. Low dingy cellar ceilings. Little wooden tables with candles sprawled around. Bottles of wine.  And cheese boards. Choose your types of cheese. They whack them on a board. With baguettes. Take your chutney, butter, snacks and whatever else you need in your little hole and scurry back to your table surrounded by barrels. And snoggers in our case. Just because it’s dark doesn’t mean you can eat face like no one is around. After someone threw some cheese at them they stopped. But the delicious red wine and incredible cheese was enough of a distraction. I love Gordon and all he has to offer.

by Em Bell