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Well we love cows as much as the next person but would you ever consider them Divine?  Gaucho certainly think so and last Tuesday invited all ‘people wot like cows’ to celebrate this majestic beast with them.

Far from their natural habitat, the third annual Divine Bovine Dinner was held at Gaucho’s Piccadilly restaurant in Swallow Street.  Cow enthusiast, Matthew Fort, judge of the Great British Menu/ and part-time hero of mine, presented the evening.

Upon arrival, we were treated to a Bloody Mary with beef consommé and lots of meat things.  Then after being herded (get it?!) upstairs, we got to whip up our own Lomo Beef Ceviche starter with the help of Mike Reid, Head Chef of Gaucho Piccadilly. Mine didn’t even make the final round and when a trip to Argentina was handed out, I wish I’d made a bit more of a blooming effort.

Next up was Beef Empanadas and Entrana Fina. Alongside it came a sweetcorn wrapper filled with mushed sweetcorn. Sounds a bit funky? It wasn’t. It was spectacular.  To finish, we were given dulce de leche pudding which produced inappropriate noises from everyone around the room. All of this was expertly matched to Argentine wines. And just in case we hadn’t had enough we were given a delicious chocolate and beef truffle to take home, specially designed by famed chocolatier Paul A Young.

I rubbed shoulders with fellow meat lovers, ate my way through the evening and left the night full and practically Argentinean. Ceviche started to take over London last year and this year it’s going to be huge. Meat, fish and all.

by Em Bell